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Integrating Connected Device Data Into Your Clinical Study

With the vision of empowering medical device manufacturers to be their best and enable all manufacturers of connected devices to acquire device data directly into their clinical study, SMART-TRIAL is launching a new Add-On: Connected Devices. Connected Devices allows data from wearables and other medical devices to continuously send data to SMART-TRIAL via new API resources.

This eliminates the costly and timely setup, and allows manufacturers to gather continuous, structured and GCP compliant data from external sources into SMART-TRIAL.

Watch the entire webinar right now on-demand, and hear from SMART-TRIAL CCOs', Jón Bergsteinsson (EMEA) and Adam Steadman (Americas & Asia), who provide key insights on best practices for how to integrate device data into your clinical study.

Key benefits of SMART-TRIAL's new Add-On include:

  • All your data in one place
  • Minimal setup and development required
  • Structured data
  • No data migration needed
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Link device data directly to subject ID
  • Real-time data adherence
  • GCP compliant storage environment 

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