Key Pitfalls To Avoid In MedTech Clinical Data Collection

Clinical data collection is something all device manufacturers need sooner or later. With 10 years of experience in the MedTech field, clinical data experts and co-founders of Greenlight Guru Clinical, Páll Jóhannesson and Jón Bergsteinsson have noticed how time after time medical device companies are tripping over the same pitfalls. The consequences are that data collection becomes expensive, time-consuming and complex.

Therefore, Páll Jóhannesson and Jón Bergsteinsson have decided to share their insights on the most common pitfalls they have encountered to date, and how you can avoid them.

Watch the entire webinar right now on-demand, and hear also why the medical device industry should rely on unique solutions instead of mainstream EDCs that are generally used by pharma.

    7 Common Pitfalls in Clinical Data Collection:

  • Starting Off on Paper
  • Collecting Too Much Data
  • Forgetting the Individual
  • Relying Too Much on KOLs
  • Forgetting the Clinical Workflow
  • Mixing Data Collection Tools
  • Forgetting GCP & Validation

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