How to tackle PMCF for your Medical Device under the MDR?

Make all the pieces of your PMCF puzzle fit!

Getting all the elements of the PMCF right can be a difficult task. And, according to the KPMG/RAPS survey results published in September 2019, 43% of Medical Device respondents had not started updating their Post-Market Surveillance (PMS) procedures, and 13% didn't even have a PMS strategy in place.

PMCF plays a major role in PMS under the MDR. 
With the right implementation of PMCF safer medical devices will reach healthcare. But that begins with a clear understanding and guidance on PMCF.

From this White paper discover:

  • What is PMCF?
  • Why do you need to conduct PMCF?  
  • What are the different activities that can be used to conduct PMCF? 
  • PMCF Pitfalls 
  • PMCF Guide
  • PMCF Success Stories

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